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Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

When people see hardwood flooring in your home, they know you will not settle for second best, only the best will do for you. Real hardwood in your home or office lets people know, you pay careful attention to quality.
The advantages of hardwood and laminate floors are very nearly the same. But it is the subtle nuances that hardwood gives off that add up, such as:
•Care & maintenance
The look of a hardwood floor is a not-so-subtle difference, and one often has a more natural feel than laminate, since laminate floors are just a picture of hardwood.
The quality of sound from a hardwood floor is also a tell-tale sign. The amount of sound emitted from a laminate floor is so great that often a thick pad is employed beneath it to stifle the sound. The result is nothing near the solid resonance of hardwood.
The required thick pad for a laminate floor makes it feel "spongy" as opposed to the sturdy, firm feel of hardwood, this might not be a big deal as long as you do not go from a hard floor such as tile into a room with laminate floor.
Caring for hardwood flooring has never been easier. Nowadays, the care of hardwood is very similar to a laminate. Thanks to today's innovative surfacers and sealers, cleaning and caring for a hardwood floor can be just as easy as a laminate. Laminate floors may be harder to scratch, however, once it is damaged, it requires a special repair kit or even plank replacement, where a hardwood floor may be repaired with a little light sanding.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Lower cost: Laminate flooring has lower material and installation costs than hardwood or tile.
Longer lasting: Laminate flooring is extremely durable and harder to scratch than most other floors and is one of the best flooring options. A quality product should last 15 to 30 years.
DIY-friendly: Laminate flooring is easy for inexperienced craftsmen to install because it comes in click- together interlocking planks. Laminate flooring boards snap together without glue.
Floating installation: Laminate floors are floating floors. The boards are not attached to the floor. This means that a laminate floor can be installed over nearly any surface without a lot of preparation.
Transitions easily to other floors: Laminate floors are easy to match up to carpet, tile and other kinds of floors because of the variety of trims and moldings available.
Family flooring: Laminate floors are great for households with children and pets.
Easy care: Laminate floors are very easy to care for.
Environmentally responsible: Laminate floors release virtually no VOC emissions and contain no allergens.

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