Shopping Tips

Tips for Your Store Visit

Make sure your store visit goes smoothly by going through our simple checklist below

Before you go:
Consider drawing a simple outline of your room indicating:
•Room exits
•Adjoining room floors – type and color
•Sources of sunlight and other lighting
•Sub floor – what’s underneath (sometimes you can pull up an in-floor heating duct to see).
•Measurement -length and width, include closets. This will help you explain your needs to the salesperson.

Bring with you to the store:
•Swatches - room fabrics, paint chips. These will help you match floors with your décor for your room design.

Questions the salesperson may ask you:
•Is there light or heavy traffic in this room?
•What is the room used for?
•Do you have children or pets?
•How long do you want this flooring to last?
•Is there a door to the outside in the room?
•Do you have a certain color in mind?
•What are the room's lighting sources?
•What types of furnishings do you have?
•What's the style of the room? Traditional? Contemporary? Rustic?
•What's the feel of the room? Casual? Formal? Somewhere in between?

Questions you may want to ask the salesperson:
•Estimate - Do charges apply?
•Samples – Available to take home?
•Underlayment – What type is required?
•Warranties on flooring – What is offered?
•What is the cost?
•What is the installation procedure?
•Who handles appliance and fixture removal and replacement?
•Who disposes of old flooring?
•Are new moldings, wall base and toe kick required?
•Will the new flooring add height to the room?
•Are installers certified?

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